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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

recent out of the box thoughts

Here are a couple of thoughts I've had based on recent experiences.
  1. My little brother applied for a job. He got an interview. He got a second interview. He told me about it, I did some digging and found out before him that he wasn't getting a third interview, but he was right on the bubble. I told him to call and plead his case. He did. I sent a follow-up email because I have a connection with the hiring manager, who told me he would reconsider. After 4 days had gone by without a word I told my brother to call again. He did and he got a third interview. Someone that I respect once said that the "world will in large measure pay you what it thinks you are worth..." I would add that the world will pay you what you tell it you're worth, and also that the world will give you that with which you diligently seek. Sometimes you can rest on your laurels, but most of the time you have to take what you want.
  2. I am helping form a start-up medical device company called Monitus Medical. Our device detects leaks from accidental injuries that occur during surgery on or near the gastrointestinal tract. We just won an award at the Utah Entrepreneurship Challenge for "Best Technology" and $3000. Turns out the guy who gave us the award had just had surgery on the GI tract a week previous. Sometimes luck becomes a factor in winning. Either way, finding a champion for a product who has an emotional interest can be lucrative. 

Friday, April 15, 2011


At the famous Taj Hotel, recently bombed by Pakistani Terrorists

With the Taj Mahal, 1.2 billion bobbling heads, car horns that act as blinkers and pervasive poverty in stark contrast to unbelievable wealth, India proved to be an impressive experience.

 Truly one of the Wonders of the World

This particular trip happened to be an educational experience with classmates, staff and an Alum from the University of Utah. We visited Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Agra and numerous businesses from large multinational companies to the smallest of micro-businesses. In spite of the pervasive poverty, most Indians seemed generally happy.

 Leaving our mark on India - a tradition at Rising Star Outreach, an NGO we helped with


  1. Just because people are poor doesn't mean they are unhappy
  2. Only in India can opportunities be endless and yet still grow 8-9% per year 
  3. Cricket actually is a pretty cool sport...especially when you experience the world cup first hand