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Friday, September 27, 2013

Me re-branded

When I started this blog 3 years ago I was a grad student caught up in the adventure and mayhem of the bizarre shadowland of start-ups. My education and career path, if you could call it one, was the kooky, semi-mystical black art of taking a company from inception to commercialization. Naturally I was constantly vetting ideas, one of which was starting a blog (full disclosure: I was also looking for a real job and thought this might help me seem more relevant). Fitting at the time, I chose “Big Ideas” as the theme of my blog and tried to share as many big ideas as possible.

Things have changed. I left my Rockstar guzzling ninja friends and took a real job with a big company and now all my big ideas are proprietary so I try and share as few as possible. This has made my blog pretty irrelevant, and the reason I have been rather quiet lately.

Recently a friend suggested I blog about something a little more relevant: my dating tales – or, as my friends refer to it, as my "international playboy lifestyle.” The suggestion is convenient considering my recent entrance into the online dating scene and rapid expansion into global dating waters. I've gone from being a start-up ninja to international pirate. Based on comments from my previous blog post I've also updated my online profile

Stay tuned for the ship ransacking, damsel saving tales to follow...  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Twenty-nine go online

Here's what I did: I turned 29 and I joined an online dating site.

Having a family is pretty big deal to me and as far as changing the world goes I don't think there is a bigger way than through marriage and raising a family. A couple of my friends met their eternal companions on LDSSingles.com so I started there. My name is Irrum (Murri backwards) and you can find me here. I still date a lot, but I've yet to seal the deal with Mrs. Right so I figured what the heck.

The hard part was creating my profile and deciding how to market myself. Being a professional marketer I tried to employ all of the tricks of the trade - tell me how I did!