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Friday, August 20, 2010

5th grader gives book to President

One of the first customers of 11-year-old Marrae Kimball of Norway, ME, happens to be President Barak Obama.  Marrae just finished 5th grade where she wrote a book called "Guaranteed Success for Grade School: 50 Easy Things You Can Do Today!”  While Senator Olympia Snowe was visiting Norway, Marrae presented Sen. Snowe with an autographed copy and asked her to deliver a copy to President Obama as well - and she agreed!  You can read the rest of the story here.  

How many of you have ever given something to the President, let alone published a book.  Marrae is the daughter of a friend of mine, Melissa Eshleman, who I met as a Mormon Missionary serving in Maine.  Melissa is also quite accomplished and started a publishing company called Find Your Way Publishing.  Her goal is to produce inspiring works and she is consistently hitting it out of the park with clients like Marrae.  

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bellota a Roble: from Acorn to Oak

A friend of mine, Adam Wride, developed a soft spot for Argentines after serving an LDS Mission to Argentina.  Adam and I met in college where, as a poor college student trying to support a wife and a baby, he started dreaming of supporting a whole nation.  Five years later he is making a small dent in his big dream.

He created a non-profit organization called Bellota a Roble, which is Spanish for "Acorn to Oak" providing a fitting allusion to the work with which they are engaged. One of their first big accomplishments was setting up  a housing system for LDS students.  The first two residents happen to be med school students at the University of Cordoba.  The residence provides like-minded students with subsidized housing, and an environment of high values and standards.  Their dream is to expand from a single apartment for just men, to large dormitories for men and women, to full service educational facilities similar to SVU where many more underprivileged, Argentine, LDS men and women will have a better chance to succeed both academically, temporally, and spiritually.

Bellota a Roble needs donations and people to help spread the word.  I felt inspired by their cause and donated $25 and I'm trying to spread the word.